Weight Loss Basics

weight-loss-solutionThinking about losing weight can be really overwhelming, as hcgcomparison.com points out for its viewers. Diet plans can be strict and difficult to follow making it easy to fail. With obesity in American on the rise, many people know that it is crucial to take action. If people choose the easy route they may be disappointed with their results, which will not be very good. Managing your weight does not have to be a difficult or frustrating task. But it does require some dedication and want to change your lifestyle to achieve these goals. The harder you try the more weight you can lose and the happier this will make you!

Using Water for Weight Loss

The first thing people think about when they want to lose weight is food. But it is very important to remember water and note how much of a difference it can make in your weight loss plan. Many people do not know and often confuse being dehydrated with being hungry. When this happens your body is telling you that it needs water, not just food!

Water makes up 66% of the body’s total weight, which is a remarkable thing! This really aids in weight management. It is so imperative to drink as much water as you possibly can to aid your weight loss.

Water works to flush toxins from your body and to help the body repair itself in its toxin-free state. And better yet – water is ZERO calories so it’s a no brainer and you can drink as much as you want to help you feel full too.

If you drink as much water as you should, you will be forced to eat less because water fills you up. In doing so, you will of course begin the weight loss process. As soon as you begin to feel hungry, this should be your first sign that you are dehydrated and need water. Just make sure to stay away from the kitchen. Then, after drinking some water, see if you are still hungry. Wait about 20 minutes to be on the safe side and once you realize you are still hungry then you may eat. Make sure you try to have a healthy snack like pickles, veggies, or nuts.

A good way to make sure you are getting enough water is to fill those gallon jugs up with the correct amount of water every morning and carry it with you all day. You could also fill a 16 oz. water bottle and use that throughout the day to monitor your water intake. These water bottles are great also because you can freeze them over night and have them melt all day and stay ice cold! Room temperature water is OK too.

All that matters is that you are getting the right amount of water that your body needs to function. Drinking the right amount of water will ensure you lose around 10 pounds when you get started. If you are interested in the HCG diet and would like more information, please visit www.biomazinghcg.com/hcgdietdrops.

Fitness Tips

easy-weigh-loss-tips-e1355201841610Ah, fitness. Everyone’s favorite subject. Most people run the other way and not to burn calories, but to avoid the horror that is working out. The truth is, working out is all mental. That’s right it’s ALL MENTAL! If you can get yourself to the gym, or outside, or to your elliptical, you can achieve results. Once you get there…you have to work out. What are you gonna do? Are you going to leave once you made it all the way out to the gym? I don’t think so..So step one is clearly getting yourself ready to work out.

Here’s another tip, if you put on cute workout clothes I guarantee you will want to go the gym. This trick almost ALWAYS works. Most people may think that sounds ridiculous but it isn’t! It’s a real thing. When we feel good about ourselves it helps reinforce the importance of maintaining looking good for ourselves.

Ok, so now that we’ve gotten to the gym, what’s next? What to do at the gym. Well, it’s best to start easy and just do some walking on the treadmill or some low intensity jogging. You can also try some weights and even use a few of the machines to do standard exercises. Now, you may get to the gym and get all gung-ho about being there and once you get going, you may want to really crank of the heat. I will warm you not to do this!

It may seem like a good idea in theory but it will truly throw your body into shock. We don’t want to shock our body; we simply want to wake it up and ask it kindly to begin working with us instead of against us to start losing weight. Honestly, if you need to lose weight your body should already know that and it should not be an issue!

If you want to get some great ideas for working out, check YouTube. Tons of people share their weight loss plans, diet secrets, way to manipulate certain gym machines and a whole bunch of other cool things to know. If you can’t reach YouTube (ha) then make sure you are checking out the DVD section of target or a similar vender, it will make sure you have the best results. There will be tons of DVDs with instructional work out plans and help make sure you are losing enough weight through your fitness regimen.

Diet and Weight Management

weight-managementTo be considered a healthy, mentally-well person, you need to be in good health. We need to understand a way to maintain our natural state of being for our bodies to remain in well-being and function properly at the highest level. Healthy eating can do this for us, which includes eating a balanced meal plan. It’s important to follow a weight loss program and be conscious of our eating habits constantly.

Some people take the route of crash dieting, while others do it with a steadier, gradual weight loss plan. You may get faster results with crash diets; however, the results will most likely not last as long.

Sometimes “crash” diets are used to kick start weight loss programs. A good weight loss plan will consist of eating right while exercising. By decreasing the number of calories you eat and maintaining an exercise regimen you will keep your body fed, yet fit. Make sure you are burning more calories than you are eating. You can eat up to five meals a day as long as they are small meals.

Try to eat about 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fats in your diet. All foods are needed to keep your body in check but just don’t overdo it. If you stick to these proportions you will be able to have a better body in no time!

Breakfast is a very important meal of the day. For breakfast, you can eat a slice of wheat toast with some egg whites and some sardines for protein. Stay away from extremely sugary breakfasts as you do not want to kick start your day with a sugar high!

For lunch, stick to soups, grilled chicken, some fish or even a salad. You can also eat some break or crackers and some fresh juice. Milk is OK too if you drink low fat, and you can even have a soda as long as it’s diet.

Also, make sure you are eating healthy snacks. Some ideas for healthy snack are raw veggies and hummus, fruit, whole grain crackers, edamame or anything with some protein but not a lot of calories or carbs.